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Welcome to Channeling Atticus Podcast the law podcast with legal expert and former judge Matt Green and host Johnny Gwin. This show discusses everyday criminal and civil issues and how it affects each and every one of us.


Matt Green of the Channeling Atticus podcast

Meet Matt Green

Host Matt Green brings a unique experience & perspective to his listening audience. As a former state prosecutor & and counselor at law, has has been a zealous advocate for victims of crimes, personal injury, and those whose constitutional rights have been violated. As a municipal court judge in both the cities of Mobile and Saraland, Alabama, Matt has presided over thousands of traffic offenses and criminal cases. As a private attorney, he has represented accident and personal injury victims, as well as persons wrongfully accused of criminal wrongdoing.

As an n advocate for the Constitution and those who dare assert it. Matt takes pride in representing anyone who has been deprived of or discriminated against or otherwise penalized for exercising their constitutional rights.


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DISCLAIMER: This podcast has been hosted by Matt Green and is not intended to nor does it create the attorney client privilege between our host, guest, or contributors or any listener for any reason. Content from the podcast is not to be interpreted as legal advice. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are only those from which they came. ( maybe stacy can do this?)